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Photo Studio


Full Job Description

Hardpress Studio, LLC is a content building hub which serves as a marketing and advertising company, as well as a unique rental space for local creatives.  On the daily, the space is filled with independent photographers and videographers working with clients, executing projects, and designing sets. 

We are seeking a qualified and trustworthy intern to join the Hardpress family and handle tasks in exchange for gaining studio experience and free studio rental time.  The job requirements will be as such:

  • Managing Rentals (Assisting with set up and breakdown)

  • Equipment Storage (Making sure all items are stored properly and recording damages)

  • Set Building Assistance (Assisting with set design completion)

  • Assisting with managing events (Managing Powershoots, client events, and other various events.

Compensation Includes:

  • 6 hrs per week of free studio time

  • Gain experience using studio equipment/lighting with guidance from our lead photographers

  • Opportunity to utilize all areas of the studio space for your own projects

  • Access to all Powershoots and company held events


  • General Knowledge of Photography, Videography, or related field

  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills

  • Time Management Skills

  • Working Knowledge of Google Calendar

Hardpress Studio, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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